Grenfell Tower Fire Investigation Intensifies

June 28, 2017

British Prime Minister, Theresa May, has called for a ‘major’ investigation into the Grenfell Tower inferno that left 79 people dead.

The fire, which broke out in the West London apartment block on 14 June, has been described as the worst fire in the UK in at least 60 years.

May chaired a meeting with the Grenfell Tower taskforce on Monday. Following the meeting, she called for the launch of a ‘major national investigation’ into the use of the flammable cladding that was used on the outside of the building.

Following an initial investigation of the cause of the Grenfell Tower fire, investigators found that the cladding used was extremely flammable and caused the fire to spread rapidly throughout the block.

Since then, 60 other building across Britain have been deemed unsafe. Evacuation processes have started at many of these buildings.

The government has appointed a panel of experts to advise them on immediate safety action, which will be chaired by former London Fire commissioner, Sir Ken Knight.

Knight was previously the British government’s Chief Fire and Rescue adviser. The rest of the panel is said to be made up of fire safety and building experts. The panel is expected to meet before the end of the week.

An identification process of the victims of the fire is still underway, and dozens of families still await news on their missing relatives.