New Braille Smartwatch is On Point

December 10, 2019

Modern technology has scientists and big thinkers closing their eyes to find new innovations, and this time they’ve produced a product for the blind and visually impaired: the Dot Watch.

The trend of owning a smartwatch is the latest must-have no matter the brand, and now the Dot Watch allows its users to enjoy the same functionality and efficiency as other smart products.

The Dot Incorporation has produced a product that is the first of its kind, showcasing a tactile and stylish design whilst offering accessibility – it can even teach you Braille!

Aside from the aforementioned Braille learning, the Dot Watch also offers typical watch functionality, call managing and messages in Braille.

The company’s website states: “We believe every technology should be accessible to everybody. That’s why the Dot Watch can be set to tactile mode, which works completely without knowledge of Braille: the time is simply displayed through the number of dots. A small idea with huge impact.”

The watch also boasts a powerful battery based on magnetism, allowing for up to 10 days usage on a single charge – and all this whilst weighing only 60 grams.