Report: Beyonce & Jay-Z’s Twins’ Names Revealed

July 03, 2017

The wait is (reportedly) over!

After Beyoncé gave birth to the latest additions of the Carter-Knowles family on June 17th, fans have been holding their breath to find out what Queen Bey and Jay-Z decided to name their babies.

Well, it seems that the word is finally out after TMZ came across documents filed at the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

According to the gossip website, Beyoncé and Jay-Z filed patents and trademarks for the names Rumi Carter and Sir Carter shortly after the twins were born.

Thus, this leads everyone to believe that the couple decided to name their twins (which is a daughter and a son, according to reports) Rumi and Sir.

The names might be a tad unusual, but what else would we expect from a couple who named their firstborn daughter, Blue Ivy.

While neither Beyoncé or Jay-Z have confirmed the names of new babies – or even their birth for that matter – we’re happy that the couple have added two new bundles of joy to their glamorous family.

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