Tesla’s Cybertruck Presentation Filled with Smashing Surprises

November 26, 2019

Business magnate Elon Musk unveiled Tesla’s newest vehicle, the “Cybertruck”, in Los Angeles on Thursday, 21 November, in a presentation that was as impressive as it was off-key.

The 48-year-old technology investor openly bragged about the futuristic pickup truck – complete with a trapezoid shape, bulletproof windows and a metallic silver finish – discussing its capabilities and features.

The most discussed highlight from the demonstration was when Musk requested Tesla’s chief designer, Franz Von Holzhausen, to pitch a metal ball at the truck’s window – he had previously taken an orange sledgehammer to the truck’s driver-side door without denting it.

Von Holzhausen promptly threw the ball and the glass shattered, which resulted in Musk exclaiming in surprise “Oh my … god!”.

Social media lit up with many making fun of the botched display, and thousands of memes were created.

Despite the awkward setback, Musk took to Twitter on Friday, 22 November, to advertise the new product.

He tweeted a purchase link with the following caption: “Better truck than an F150, faster than a Porsche 911.”

By Monday, 25 November, he claimed on Twitter that over 200 000 orders had been made thus far for the tank-looking vehicle.

For $39 900, you too can own a Cybertruck. Expect to order yours in late 2021!

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