Theresa May Apologises to Tory MP’s

June 13, 2017

British Prime Minister, Theresa May, has apologised to MPs of the Conservative Party for her disastrous campaign leading up to the general election last week.

Addressing her party’s MPs for the first time since the election, May said that she takes full responsibility for the result of the election.

“I got us into this mess, and I’m going to get us out,” she told her party members at a meeting in Westminster on Monday.

May confirmed that she will not be stepping down from her role as Prime Minister, despite calls from Tory MPs to have her removed and replaced. She announced her new cabinet – which remains largely unchanged – on Sunday, and met with them for the first time yesterday.

May also admitted to mistakes in her party’s ideals, which they pushed throughout the campaign. She recognised that some of these may have turned in favour of the Labour Party, one of them being a promise to make citizens pay more for social and health care.

This idea was heavily opposed by the Labour Party, who insisted that the National Health Service (NHS) be upgraded instead.

Speaking to journalists after the meeting, many Tory MPs suspected that May was buying herself more time as Prime Minister, in order to be at the helm of the important Brexit talks that are set to start next week.

The talks are scheduled to come to an end in two years time, and May has made it clear that she wants to be in power until that point.

However, some reports are suggesting that several Tory MPs have held secret talks with Labour MPs to ensure a less aggressive exit from the European Union.