Common Chimpanzee - Scientific name- Pan troglodytes schweinfurtii portrait at Kibale Forest National Park, Rwenzori Mountains, Uganda, Africa

Uganda: Plans to Plant 3 Million Trees Underway

October 16, 2020

In a bid to preserve the habitat of endangered chimpanzees, two non-profit organisations have teamed up to plant three million trees in Uganda’s Albertine Rift.

The Albertine Rift is a vast ecosystem that is home to these primates; it also includes 50% of birds, 39% of mammals, 19% of amphibians, and 14% of reptiles and plants. However, it has been under threat from urbanisation, deforestation, agriculture and fires.

Earlier this year, One Tree Planted and the Jane Goodall Institute – the former dedicated to reforestation, and the latter primarily dedicated to the conservation of chimpanzees – announced that it would be working together to curb these threats.

Titled the “Wildlife Habitat & Corridor Restoration”, the project will see the organisations planting the seedlings of trees – ranging from fig to mahogany – in the Albertine Rift between 2020 and 2023.

Additionally, 700 households will be trained and supported to apply sustainable agroforestry practices on their land; each village in the project area will have at least one individual trained on forest monitoring.

Although the project will take some time, no doubt that the benefits to be gained from it are great.