UK General Election: Polls Officially Open

June 08, 2017

The polls have officially opened for the United Kingdom’s general election and, if the projections are anything to go by, it looks set to be a tight race between Conservative Party leader and current Prime Minister, Theresa May, and Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

As citizens make their way to polling stations across the UK today, there are several issues they will have to take into consideration when determining their vote. One of these being the issue of national security.

In the wake of two deadly terrorist attacks in the UK over the past two weeks, counter-terrorism and national security has been one of the biggest talking points for party leaders.

Other major issues include whether or not to make improvements to the National Health Service (NHS). The Conservative Party is in favour of cutting welfare benefits, while the Labour Party wants to increase them.

The Labour Party are also vying for the improvement of public services, while the Conservative Party wants to privatise many services.

With regards to education, the Labour Party has called for improvements to be made to the current public school system. The Conservative Party, on the other hand, believes the country would benefit more from making grammar schools available to everyone.

One of the most controversial distinctions between the two political groups is over tax. The Labour Party believes that an increase in tax for higher earners is necessary in order to strengthen the economy. The Conservatives, however, have ruled this out.

Today’s election was called three years early by PM Theresa May. She came into power a year ago without a national vote, after the resignation of former Primer Minister, David Cameron, following the Brexit vote.

Brexit is naturally one of the most significant topics to be addressed after the result of today’s election.

Even though Theresa May was initially against leaving the European Union, she and the rest of the Conservative Party eventually accepted the decision and have opted to stand firmly by its consequences.

The Labour Party has also said that they respect the decision made by the people in the referendum last year. However, they have also said that, if they come into power, they will not be as regimental regarding the implementation of the new UK/EU policies.

They would, for instance, give more leeway to British people living in the EU and would refrain from completely cutting off the UK from EU markets.

British nationals will also vote for a new panel of 650 lawmakers for the House of Commons, where the majority will either fall in favour of the Conservatives or the Labour Party.